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In 1993 Daniel Bernhardt got the call that he won the lead role in Bloodsport 2: The next Kumite.

Bernhardt made the move to Los Angeles and started talking acting classes with Sale Dano and started his martial arts training with Grandmaster Hee Il Cho, who's become a very close friend of Bernhardt's.

After 1 1/2 years of training and waiting for the producers to get the movie going, finally in December of 1994 Bernhardt went to Bangkok, Thailand to start pre-production on Bloodsport 2: The next Kumite.

James Hong, who's been in over 400 movies and Pat Marito, the Oscar winning actor, were cast in the movie.

Principle photography started in January 2005. It was a very tough but amazing experience. We shot for five weeks in Bangkok. The Thai crew and stunt team were amazing.

Bloodsport 2: The next Kumite was released theatrical and on video in the United States and around the world in 2006. The film was a success and continued the franchise.